Pointless CME

All doctors in Singapore stress over their CME requirements and getting enough CME points to enable them to renew their Practising Certificates. Most of the time, we go for CME activities for the free lunch and take a power nap or two. If all else fails, we do CME MCQs to get the required CME points. After that, we forget everything we have heard or read and let’s face it, it’s quite a pointless exercise at the end of the day.

Well, fear not, this Hobbit is here to help you helplessly with another absolutely pointless CME activity. No points will be awarded because this test will never be sanctioned by SMC. As usual, answers will be made known sometime next month, if ever at all. The pass rate you are required to obtain zero CME points is 0%.

1          Which of the following local professional organisations is the oldest in Singapore?

  1. Alumni Association
  2. Singapore Medical Association
  3. Academy of Medicine Singapore
  4. Singapore Medical Council


2          Which of the following is FALSE about Yong Nen Kiong (“NK Yong”)

  1. He is the longest serving President of SMA
  2. He writes a weekly cardiac health column for the Business Times
  3. He performed the first open heart surgery in Singapore in 1965
  4. He performed the first open heart surgery in Malaysia in 1969


3          Who was the “Agong” of Alumni Association?

  1. Arthur Lim
  2. Chee Phui Hung
  3. Chao Tzee Cheng
  4. WC Cheng


4          Which of the following about LMS is TRUE?

  1. It was a four-year course and was issued by the KE VII College of Medicine
  2. Originally, a LMS graduate was not allowed to take fellowship degrees in UK (i.e. cannot specialise)
  3. It stands for Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery and is a recognised basic medical qualification by SMC
  4. All of the above


5          Which of the following is the odd one out in terms of place of origin?

  1. Soo Khee Chee
  2. Foo Keong Tat
  3. Kandiah Satku
  4. Tan Seang Beng


6          Which of the following doctors was a paediatric trainee once?

  1. Ho Ching Lin (ophthalmology)
  2. William Chew (endocrinology)
  3. Lee Wei Ling (neurology)
  4. All of the above


7          Who was the first local Professor of General Surgery?

  1. Jimmy Choo Jim Eng
  2. Yeoh Ghim Seng
  3. Foong Weng Cheong
  4. Ong Siew Chey


8          Which of the following about KKH is FALSE?

  1. It once held the (Guinness Book of World Records) record for the busiest obstetric hospital in the world
  2. Was the first hospital in Singapore to perform successfully a IVF procedure using frozen embryos
  3. The current hospital stands on a cemetery site and the original address of this site is called 1 Jalan Cemetery
  4. It is the first and only public hospital to house a McDonalds fast food restaurant in Singapore


9          Which of the following passed the Part 1 exams of all 3: FRCS, MRCP and MRCOG?

  1. Ng Han Seong
  2. Benjamin Ong
  3. Fock Kwong Ming
  4. Chee Yam Cheng


10        In YLLSOM, there is a Wong Niap Leng Medical Bursary; who is Wong Niap Leng?

  1. He is/was a Professor of Medicine
  2. He is/was a Dean
  3. He was the first person who performed liver transplant in Singapore
  4. He was the canteen operator of the canteen in KE VII Hall in Sepoy Lines


11        Politically speaking, which of the following is the odd one out?

  1. Tan Sze Wee
  2. Chia Shi-Lu
  3. Benedict Tan
  4. Kanwaljit Soin


12        Which of the following is FALSE about Tan Chorh Chuan?

  1. He was Dean of Medicine and DMS
  2. He is an accomplished poet and has published an anthology of poetry 3 years ago
  3. He used to be orientation chairman of KEVII Hall (i.e. chief ragger)
  4. He played hockey in KEVII Hall as a block fellow after he graduated


13        Which of the following is FALSE regarding Poh Soo Kai?

  1. He was the first Honorary Secretary of SMA and a founding member of the PAP
  2. He was detained under the ISA for a total of 17 years over two spells
  3. He was released from detention after he confessed to being a Communist
  4. He was a grandson of the philanthropist Tan Kah Kee and a relative of philanthropist Lee Kong Chian


14        How much did Arthur Lim take home as the founding director of SNEC?

  1. $1,000 a month
  2. $10,000 a month
  3. $20,000 a month
  4. $0 a month


15        The first national specialty centre to be set up in Singapore was

  1. National Heart Centre Singapore
  2. National Skin Centre
  3. Singapore National Eye Centre
  4. National Cancer Centre Singapore


16        Which of the following funded a big part of his undergraduate medical education in Singapore by winning a lottery (i.e. 4D)?

  1. Yeoh Khay Guan
  2. Goh Lee Gan
  3. Teo Eng Kiong
  4. Fong Kok Yong


17        Which of the following is (probably) the richest doctor in Singapore (by value of shares in publicly-listed healthcare companies)?

  1. Lee Hung Ming
  2. Loo Choon Yong
  3. Ang Peng Tiam
  4. Tan See Leng


18        Which of the following is FALSE about TTSH?

  1. The first location for TTSH was opposite SGH on Pearl’s Hill
  2. Tan Tock Seng, the person, was a Straits Chinese born in Singapore
  3. It set up the first rheumatology unit in Singapore
  4. It was originally called the Chinese Pauper Hospital


19        Which of the following is the odd one out in terms of employment history?

  1. Ang Yong Guan
  2. Paul Ananth Tambyah
  3. Lam Pin Min
  4. Lim Wee Kiak


20        Which of the following statements about Gleneagles Hospital is FALSE?

  1. After refurbishment, it was opened by Mr Goh Chok Tong
  2. The hospital started out as Gleneagles Nursing Home
  3. It is 60 years old this year
  4. It is named after a valley in Scotland and the valley is populated by many eagles



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