Baking April

I have added an afternote to the original posting….


This is probably the hottest April Singapore has ever felt. And we are not talking about the weather. Although it’s certainly baking this April. We are also not talking about the parliamentary budget debates, which was about as exciting as watching the threads fray more and more on my clinic tourniquet.

We are not even talking about two major earthquakes on opposite sides of the Pacific. We are talking about accusations of dishonor and some very funny monkey business interspersed with relentless reporting of the actress Rui En asking “Do you know who I am?”

Like most hobbits living in shires, I don’t know.

Meanwhile, after years of writing absolute rubbish, this Hobbit is suddenly overcome with pangs of fear that he may have accidentally, unknowingly plagiarized somebody or something (including Wookie-like yawns, Ogre rants and R2D2 beeps).

Since the last column on managed care, many alert readers have asked…

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