Epilogue?: Questions and More Questions

Dear Hobbit


I am relieved. More relieved than holding my pee in for 4 hours while stuck on a coach on the Causeway and then finally letting go at the WC. Just when I thought I had made untrue declarations and my wife will find out about my enuresis problems, SMC now says some of the questions were inappropriate. The feeling is indescribably shiok….like a relaxed and emptied bladder…..


Thanks again for your advice.


I can now consult my psychiatrist friend again without fear – asking him if I should get a SUV or a MPV for my next car…


Yours gratefully,

Dr Tjio Pee Wee


p.s. You cannot have my favourite Ultraman toy. But I will pass you my old Seow Lang Geng baju, now collector’s item. On the way by UPeeAss courier to Middle-earth

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