Vote Ah Bock!!!!

 Vote Ah Bock!

I say don’t just talk, vote Ah Bock

He can really jaga our reserves and be the second key and lock

His tree very big, not scared even when lightning forks

He said his piece on foreign talent and got mocked


I say don’t just talk, vote Ah Bock

That’s not because I own Chuan Hup stock

A man of principle, he believes – in politics no cincalok or belly pork

That’s why many times he stood his ground then kena knock


I say don’t just talk, vote Ah Bock

Just like last time in APMPS, he still rocks

He will get those fat cats to pull up their socks

Stop those guys from talking cock. Go Ah Bock, give them a shock!



Please note –

  • The SMA Hobbit is mythical in nature and has no right to vote in Singapore. So his support is quite virtual at best.
  • The Hobbit is also apolitical and is not affiliated to any political party.
  • This note does not in any way represent an endorsement by SMA Council or SMA News of Dr Tan Cheng Bock
  • APMPS – Association of Private Medical Practitioners of Singapore – merged with SMA about 20 years ago

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